About Me

TL;DR version: Fangirl. Teller of stories both real and imagined. Tea aficionado. Lover of books & beer. Seasonal Aggie football fanatic. Full-time Catholic.

Just your average twenty-something who’s bracing herself for the inevitable backslide into thirty. I call both Tulsa and Texas home and have ricocheted between the former and Houston four times (minus a four year stop in CStat), trading hurricanes for tornados and vice versa.

When I was five, I wanted to be a “flower arranger.” When I was eleven, I decided to be a neonatal nurse. At eighteen, I was going to go into publishing and both write and discover the next great American YA novels. My senior year of college found me falling into a teaching career, and after spending five years in the classroom, I’m stumbling my way up the corporate ladder.

I write a moderate amount; I’d like to write more—hence, this space you see around you.

Em-dashes and oxford commas for life.

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